Clarion and Windev Consulting


All Versions of Clarion from Clarion 2.003 to Clarion 8 (Excluding Clarion.net) and Windev 16.

Problem solving, Developer guidance and Technology Consulting mainly as related to Clarion and Windev.

I have been doing software development and consulting for companies in South Africa and worldwide.

Areas of expertise includes Business Process Analysis, Database/Analysis design, Product Design, Rollout and Training, Programming and Product and Code Testing.

SOAP integration between Clarion and Windev client software and IBM Wepsphere and .NET based SOAP Servers.

Development of Clarion templates, Classed and re-usable dll based function libraries and extensive knowledge of Capesoft Clarion 3’rd party products.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Clarion Developer (Reg No 0072)

Radar Technician (Military Fire Control Radar)

Airborne Radar Technician (Military Aircraft)

Educational Technologist (Training Curricula Design, Courseware design and production, Training Assessment and Training Presentation)


For the last 17 years I am an Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of Military and Business arenas.

Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using MS-SQL Server and now Hyperfile C/S databases.

Specialisation in development of : Financial Logistics Human Resources Agricultural software as well as being an Internet Service Provider.

My software expertise are used to develop and support the following types of products: Financial, Payroll, Unit Trust Trading, Index Fund Trading, Portfolio Management, Tracking Management, Estimating, Stock Control, Distribution Control, Timesheets, Job Tracking, CV Generation, Productivity and Performance measurements, Aircraft Maintenance management and Computer Based Training Presentation.

During my early years I developed Aircraft Radio and Radar Technician Courseware and presented same at 2 Sqn AFB Hoedspruit.

Re-engineered Valve Fire Control Radar Components to make use of Solid state components, maintained Flight Simulator and presented Basic Pilot Simulator Flight Training.

Was a member of a project management team for a weapons platform acquisition project for SAAF.

Designed and set up a technical reference library for military technical personnel at AFB Louis Trichardt (Makkado)

Designed, developed and presented a Computer Based Training system for SAAF weapons platform.

Served on the Apprentice and Tradesman Training Board of the SAAF in the capacity of Airborne Fire Control Radar and Radio Technologist Course Designer.

Later I did training analysis of the Rooivalk Aircraft and was part of the development of Computer Based Training Courseware for same.

I also did Logistical analysis and Training analysis for Army Tactical Electronic Warfare System

I helped develop Uskotec’s In-house billing system and also their Remote Sales Management and Contract Registration system.

After that I contracted to Netstar where I re-designed and implemented a Telesales Call Centre system and also re-designed and developed a ‘Post Trip’ Data collection System (winning a few "employee of the month" awards).

After a few smaller contracts, Including taking over the Winprint and Gemini Print estimating products, I spent 3 years Upgrading +-25 Agricultural Products from Clarion 5.5 to 6.3 and Clarion 7 and also Re-designed and re-developed two of these products (Financial system and Commercial and Farm Vehicles Systems).

I also developed a unique product registration and customer tracking system and developed standalone dll based Database selection/User Management/ Backup/Remote Support features that was implemented in all the products.

I spent a 1 1/2 year stint at Trustco developing SMS Integration software and Document management and Vehicle tracking systems.

Current projects include Customised SOAP based Client/Server software for Short Term and Funeral Policy Administrators.

Other smaller projects and product development not mention

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