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I am a thorough professional who looks to achieve organizational goals with in specified constraints.With a proven track record in striving for excellence, My work has mostly been on Alternate Delivery Channel financial application(s) in banking domain, I am also a proud member of the first mobile banking solution team in Pakistan. I have 3+ years experience in ADC product development & 2+ year experience in ADC product management. My responsibilities involve Analysis,Design,Project Management ,supporting and leading a set of IT professionals to attain organizational objectives in ADC domain. 1. E-Commerce[ ATM,POS,Internet Banking ] 2. M-Commerce[ Mobile Banking ] 2. Customer Services/Contact Center[CRM,IVR] 3. Centralized Processing Unit 4. International Business 5. Consumer Loans 6. Process Automation[Work flow] 8. Core Banking [Temenos T24] 9. SMS Banking 10. Cards[Visa Debit]

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