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Most people think that good software costs a good money. This is simply not true. On the internet today there is so much open source and freeware programs out there it is mind boggling. Let me help you find the tools you need to do just about anything… for next to nothing! - Starting a new business? Don’t shell out copious amounts of cash for Microsoft office! - Teaching a class? So many functional and engaging programs out there… and totally free!!! - Want to connect with others in an online meeting setting? Why pay to rent space when there is some great online meeting freeware out there! - Just need some simple software to do a simple task but are you’re sick of the 30 Day Trials? Let me point you in the right direction! - Designing a website and feeling a little overwhelmed? Let me make your life easy with some really great open source that’s simple and easy to use. - Designing and online community for class at university or for a business group? I’ve got just the solution for you!

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