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I designed Vacuum formed lighted signs for about 12 years. We were doing layouts back when cut and paste was our form of submitting the art to the manufacture.
The business signs I designed ranged in cost from a few thousand dollars to forty thousand dollar and more packages with digital signs .

We now have a worldwide computer business with over a half a million items.

We would prefer to collect the information of what your need may be and brainstorm of how we may be able to help.

We started a computer site over 10 years ago and have been involved with many of the companies that offer relationships with web sites as affiliates.
Some companies you have to beware of they are slow pay to no pay. We are experts in layout for and understand how to create everything from an online book to a poster to cd covers and hundreds of items.

We now are producing movies for dvd. Can help with info on that too.

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We have been on the net for over ten years. Having access to the right resources to do any type of job on the web gives us an edge most people don’t know where to start.


www.Knoxville.Fm is now creating HD movies for dvd’s and rental online.

Over the last ten years we have accumulated much knowledge about how the internet helps many make more money. We can advise on many areas from marketing to finding the right people to do about anything you need on the net.

Our main focus is movies.

But we are available to help anyone taking on the adventure of doing business on the net.

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