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1st Service: I’m personally a very active Weightlifter, been working out since I was a sophmore in high school and working out and fitness has run in my family since I was born. Needless to say I have a lot of knowledge about working out. This includes things such as good form, supplements to take, good work outs and more.

2nd Service: I’m the tech geek in my family, If anyone I know has computer problems they usually come to me. I’ve fixed computer physically (parts and equipment) and on programming levels (things wrong with the computer like viruses or not operating right), so I have a fairly good knowledge base about computers. This even includes knowledge of networking.

3rd Service: This is my true expertise, I’ve been gaming for 18 years, since I was 2. I know games, games strats, hardware, ins and outs of all systems, the best games in their respective genres (RPG, Shooter, Adventure, Etc.). I know about future realeases and have tips about popular games like Halo and Call of Duty.

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