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David Swan

Computer Support


FIELD 1. Computers, Problems with Windows etc..

I can help you with computer problems Galore. I’m not a programmer etc. but I work with technical problems with an IT retailer as a tech person. I have no degrees but have

FIELD 2. Weight Loss / Healthy Eating

Also I have a few Secrets I have learnt about weight Loss along the way that I can also guarantee 99% that you have not heard else where. It involves eating more but choosing the right foods to set off hormone reactions to make you burn fat while you rest, And only have to exercise by walking to lose up to 10KG in 14 days. This solution has no time goal but more focuses on fast weight loss and maintaining the weight loss. No meal supplements, powders etc. Just real food and basic exercise.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Degrees and Qualifications mean nothing.

I have spent 15 years being obsessed with computers, how they work and how to fix problems. I work as a tech\sales person for a multinational franchise that sells computers. I will sometimes even just do something on my computer I know could cause a problem so I can learn to fix it. I believe in learning from experience and if you can’t do it the internet can teach you more than a class room because you are experiencing it first hand and looking for a solution.

I also have no degree in Weight loss but have some stuff that will challenge what you know about weight loss and accelerate you weight loss without resorting to eating less and taking powders and supplements.

If you want real life experience and good old know how. Contact me.

NOTE: I am certain you have no Degrees and Qualifications in an area or 2 you are passionate about that you could teach me worlds about. Don’t let a piece of paper fool you. Contact me I am polite and understanding.


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