Cameron Jordan

Computer Setup/Use and Networking


I offer a 360 degree approach to computer services. Combined with my experience as a computer technician, A+ Certification, and my Associates in Computer Networking, I can provide accurate and professional service based on your needs.

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Associates in Computer Networking ‘10 A+ Certification PC Technician


Throughout my young life I was always the "Go to" guy when it came to computers and most technologies. I started with tinkering around and familiarizing myself with common PC components and programs. Later on, I built web pages in jr. high during break in my free time for fun. Moving into High School I started taking more in-depth web design and computer essential classes. After graduating (with a 3.5 GPA) I moved onto ITT Tech and graduated with my Associates in Computer Networking and also won the Associates Capstone of the year. All-in-all, I’m your computer technician who can translate complex problems into plain English!

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Languages: English, Lite ASL

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